What Is a Trade Certificate?

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A trade certificate, also known as a professional certificate, is a form of documentation issued by a government board or entity that demonstrates the owner’s knowledge of and compliance with the specific regulatory standards of that industry. Most certificates require the recipient to pass an exam, take a course or complete other activities to obtain the document.

Professional certification frequently appears in various industries and job types, allowing those who receive the certification to effectively demonstrate knowledge and ability about the field to potential employers. Each certification program maintains its own requirements and processes, with each coming from its own independent body that is often separate from governmental agencies or specific companies. Each agency maintains its own requirements to issue the certification, which may involve taking official classes through the entity or a licensed third party porter, completing a minimum number of hours of experience in the field and taking a final exam.

Some industries make certification a requirement to hold positions, such as with doctors and some accountants. In these cases, there is a single governing entity that maintains the standards and requirements for the certification and works with employers and educators in the field to ensure proper compliance. For example, many medical schools incorporate certification training into the course work to allow students to quickly pass the appropriate exams and obtain the certification immediately after graduating.