How Do You Track a UPS SurePost Package?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To track a UPS SurePost package, enter the package’s tracking number or shipping reference number into the form located at and click Track. Inversely, opt to receive detailed tracking information and updates via email by emailing up to 25 tracking numbers to UPS.

With UPS SurePost, UPS ships packages to the U.S. Postal Service branch nearest to the delivery address, and the U.S. Postal Service then delivers shipments to their final destinations. The SurePost service is commonly less expensive than traditional ground delivery but shipping takes longer.

Because UPS transfers packages to the U.S. Postal Service for final delivery, tracking on shows package delivery before the package arrives at the customer’s address. The tracking information updates within 24 hours to show the correct delivery ZIP code and date when the U.S. Postal Service delivers the package to its final destination. While all packages receive two tracking numbers, one for UPS and one for the U.S. Postal service, customers track their packages using only the UPS number.

UPS issues tracking numbers to customers when they ship packages. Businesses using UPS SurePost to ship products email the tracking number to the customer after shipping the package. To find lost tracking numbers, customers contact UPS customer service by phone at 800-742-5877 or email the company through the contact form on its website.