How Do You Track MoneyGram Money Orders?

Track a MoneyGram money order by calling 800-542-3590, according to MoneyGram’s official website. This number dials an automated system and callers must enter the money order number and the exact amount of the money order. The system notifies callers if the money order has been cashed.

According to MoneyGram, individuals should allow two to three weeks for money orders to be delivered if sent by mail. If the recipient has not received the money order and it has not been cashed, the purchaser of the money order can request a refund. Individuals must complete a claim card form from the MoneyGram website and submit it with the $15 fee, the money order number and amount and a copy of the stub or receipt.

MoneyGram allows purchasers to obtain photocopies of cashed money orders to verify who received the cash. The photocopy includes the back of the money order to see who endorsed the money order. The normal process for obtaining a photocopy by mail is to follow the Claim Card Process on the MoneyGram website. The fee is $15 and requests are processed within 30 to 65 days. Individuals may also receive expedited service by fax or email within three business days. Requests for expedited service can be submitted on the MoneyGram website or at any MoneyGram agent location for a fee of $24.