What Time Does Western Union Usually Close?

Genevieve Prentice/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Because the hours of operation vary widely among the numerous Western Union branches and the services they provide, the best way to determine what time a particular location closes is by utilizing the “Find Locations” feature on WesternUnion.com. There, users can search by both location and service necessary.

It’s possible to search on this part of the site based on either “Address” or “Agent Name.” Users can click on “Country” to select their nation first. Then they can enter their zip code or city and state or province into the search box on the right. There are a number of filters that help find locations as well. These include “money transfer,” “convenience pay,” “quick collect,” “prepaid card sales” and “money order.” Checking these boxes ensures that the user finds a Western Union location compatible with what they’re looking for. After clicking “Go,” users can then see a map of their area with locations marked on it. Each location is assigned a letter. These letters appear down the side of the page with more extensive information. The “Hours & Info” link at the bottom of each entry brings up information about the opening and closing time for that location based on the days of the week. The hours for Sunday are often different than the hours for the rest of the week.