How Does The Ticket Clinic Work?

The Ticket Clinic offers legal representation to individuals charged with a traffic violation. Attorneys from the Ticket Clinic can represent clients in court regarding traffic tickets. Examples of cases the Ticket Clinic may take on include DUI charges, speeding tickets and driving on a suspended license.

The lawyers that work for the Ticket Clinic focus on errors police officers have made when issuing a traffic ticket. In some cases, the error can result in the ticket being dismissed at the hearing, and some cases do not even proceed to court. Lawyers can also focus on the tickets issued by red light cameras and the requirements and prerequisites associated with paying fines associated with these tickets.

The Ticket Clinic has eight office locations in California as of January 2015. These offices are located in Los Angeles, Studio City, Huntington Park, Baldwin, Van Nuys, Glendale, Santa Ana and Long Beach. However, the lawyers of the Ticket Clinic may be able to represent clients throughout the entire state of California. If representation at court is not an option, the lawyers may also be able to provide legal advice to clients via phone. Consumers can hire The Ticket Clinic for representation by visiting an office location or calling their main line, 1-800-CITATION.