Why Do You Think You Are Suitable for the Job?

Employers often ask interviewees why they think they are suitable for a particular position. A good way to answer this question is to focus in on specific strengths and skills that line up with the position.

Asking interviewees why they are suitable for the job is a common question that arises in interviews. Answering this question requires that the job prospect spend some time thinking up a good answer before arriving to the interview.

Interviewers are looking for employees that are the best fit for the company and job position. Job candidates can dig into their past experience and find something that makes them shine. For instance, relating a positive experience where the candidate was acknowledged in a previous position for a job well done is a good choice. The praise could have come from management, coworkers or customers.

Begin the answer by sharing specific details about the issue or problem. It could be a customer complaint, a report that needed writing, a stalled project or unique situation. It is a good idea to highlight all of the excellent work skills used to successfully resolve the problem.

The applicant can sum up by explaining how these same abilities and skills would be applied to the new job.