What Is Tesco’s Mission Statement?

Tesco’s mission statement proclaims the company wants to be lauded by its customers as the premier drilling services company. To this end, Tesco plans to expand and develop its products and services. The company strives to create a successful, positive, healthy and safe environment free of accidents and harmful emissions.

Tesco is a company that designs, manufactures and services technology-based solutions for energy entities all over the world. To fulfill its mission, Tesco plans to develop it business into a full rig-maintenance company with broad-based tubular services and full rig-mechanization products. To reach that goal, Tesco aims to create a safe and desirable workplace free of accidents, environmental emissions, and health-related and security incidents. The company also works to reduce the losses during all oil-related processes. To maintain the quality and safety standards in the company, Tesco employees are expected to participate in and promote quality, health, safety and environmental issues.

Tesco is known for its invention and implementation of the Top Drive Drilling System, which provides portable drilling to oil rigs around the world. The company also created and patented a multiple control line running system, known in the oil industry as an MCLRS, which protects slip lines from crimps and cuts. Tesco employees over 2,000 workers in 23 countries.