Why Is Teamwork Important?

plustwentyseven/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Teamwork is important for output quality, retention and morale. Efficiency is increased dramatically by employing teamwork instead of working solo. Frederick Brook’s “The Mythical Man-Month” argues that it takes one person 1 year to do what 12 people can do in one month.

Working alone makes it harder to get early feedback. Without feedback on a project in the early stages, there is likely to be loss of time and possibly quality.

Working in a group increases learning, whereas more team members with a shared context are available to challenge your ideas. Team projects increase motivation and reduce work-related stress.

Teamwork increases the efficiency on a project and relieves stress on an individual, which promotes a higher-quality output. Each team member offers a unique perspective and set of talents to the project, making each an invaluable member of the team.

The key to good teamwork is communication. Whenever more than one person is working on a specific project, good communication is needed to ensure everything runs smoothly. There are several examples of teamwork throughout society. Families use teamwork in their daily lives, students working on large class projects employ teamwork, and of course businesses use teamwork for several different reasons.