What Is Tactical Decision Making?

Portra Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Tactical decision making is a business strategy where decisions are made with the end result of ensuring a company is as successful as possible, according to Blue Collar University. This means the company makes decisions that will contribute to the longevity, profitability, and continued improvement of all areas of operation.

Tactical decision making focuses on the big picture and the here and now. When making tactical decisions, the company as a whole is involved, according to Chron.com Small Business. Tactical decision making allows a company to evaluate its infrastructure and how it operates and make adjustments accordingly. To make a tactical decision, a board analyzes information it is presented, and determines an immediate course of action with the intention of achieving a specific goal that will directly and immediately benefit the most people. A study by npower suggests that although they do involve many people and departments, tactical decisions tend to have a limited impact in the case of their failure because they can be adjusted and changed relatively quickly, according to Business Case Studies.