What Is the SWIFT Code for Bank of America?

The Bank of America SWIFT code for U.S. dollar wire transfers is BOFAUS3N, while the code for wire transfers sent to Bank of America in foreign currency is BOFAUS6S, according to the bank’s official website. Not all banks require SWIFT codes to complete a wire transfer.

Wikipedia defines SWIFT codes as standard Business Identifier Codes that serve as identifier codes for both nonfinancial and financial institutions. They are commonly used when transferring funds between banks, especially during international transactions, but they are also used to send other types of messages between institutions. The structure includes a four-letter bank code, two-letter country code, two-character location code and optional three-character branch code for messages sent to a primary office.

SWIFT is the acronym for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Communication, a member-owned cooperative headquartered in Belgium that serves more than 10,500 institutions spanning more than 200 countries. The company prides itself in enabling its customers to perform standardized, automated financial transactions with complete security. According to the SWIFT website, the company does not manage customer accounts, store financial information or hold funds. The Bank of America website states that SWIFT codes are often used by investment managers, broker-dealers and financial institutions.