What Is a Supplementary Comment on an Application?

peepo/E+/Getty Images

The supplementary comments on an application are additional insights about skills and experience that relate specifically to the job for which the individual is applying. These comments establish why an applicant is the best candidate for a position by aligning skills with corporate ideals. Many resumes do not include supplementary comments.

Supplementary comments are added to the end of a resume in order to show a hiring professional why the applicant is perfect for the job. This area ties in past experiences and talents to the requirements of a job and the image of the corporation. It substantiates details that otherwise seem unrelated to human resources personnel.

Supplementary comments are an opportunity to write additional thoughts about a position. This shows an applicant’s ability to communicate effectively and format documents properly. Such skills are important to many job titles and prove that an individual has knowledge of the best ways to create a compelling report.

These comments are traditionally added at the end of an application or a resume, but it is also a common practice to place supplementary information directly following the applicable work experience or skills. This makes it easy for those reviewing the document to enjoy a natural flow of reading.