How Do You Submit a Pressler and Pressler Payment?

It is possible to make a payment to the Pressler and Pressler law firm by going to the website and submitting the correct information, according to Pressler and Pressler. The website requires the file, account or docket number and the last four digits of the user’s Social Security number, as well as a payment method, as of 2015.

Pressler and Pressler lists its email and phone number on its website for customers to contact the firm regarding claims and status requests. The phone number is (973) 753-5100, and the fax number is (973) 753-5353. The law firm has a full-time online presence to process and ensure the immediate transfer of claims and payments, according to the website.

Pressler and Pressler is a law firm in Parsippany, New Jersey. They specialize in retail collection and continue to practice law since opening in 1930, reports Pressler and Pressler. The firm represents many national credit companies throughout New Jersey and New York, and it employs over 300 people, including 19 attorneys, as well. As of 2015, Pressler and Pressler remains the testing site that the New Jersey Supreme Court chooses to test programs that computerize communications between the court and people involved in lawsuits.