How Do You Submit a Letter of Voluntary Demotion?

To submit a voluntary demotion letter, make sure the letter contains an honest explanation for why you are seeking a demotion, schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss the matter, and deliver the letter during your meeting. Since this is a delicate matter, the language you use to request a demotion must come across as having the best of intentions for you, your supervisor and your employer.

Schedule a supervisory meeting to discuss your career path. Your voluntary demotion letter must provide a explanation for stepping down from a position that is clearly worded and reasonable and avoids misunderstandings. Start your letter by stating that you’ve decided to step down from your current position. Follow up by immediately stating the main reason for your decision.

The job might conflict with your personal life, or it might be too overwhelming, but make sure you frame your departure in a positive light. For instance, state that you’ve enjoyed learning new things, but decided you’re happier in your old position. Let your supervisor know that you intend to help her with transition plans, and offer to remain in your position until a replacement is found. During the meeting, your supervisor might mention ways to better handle assigned tasks or suggest alternative positions within the company.