How Do You Submit a Formal Complaint to Sears?

If you encounter a problem with a product, service or repair provided by Sears, you must email or contact their customer service department to file a complaint. All complaints are first handled by customer service, then transferred to the appropriate department for review and processing purposes.

When contacting customer service, be prepared to provide a succinct reason for your complaint. Address the issue along with your desired outcome to be promptly transferred to the appropriate department. Contact customer service by phone if your complaint requires a resolution for prompt service. If you would like to simply express your frustration with a Sears service or product, consider composing a letter or email to get your point across.

If the customer service representative does not transfer you to the appropriate department, request a transfer to the Sears Corporate Advocate and Customer Complaint Department. You can also reach this department directly by contacting 1-888-507-9312 for service information or 1-800-795-5030 for general inquiries.

If your complaint pertains to your local Sears, you must contact the location directly for an immediate resolution or clarification. If you are not satisfied with Sears’ customer service, consider filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You can file a direct complaint with the BBB online by visiting their website; however, Sears requests that all complaints be emailed to their customer service department before filing a complaint with the BBB.