What Is the Subdivision Map Act?

The Subdivision Map Act is the California state law relevant to subdivision of real property, according to Orange County law firm Garrett DeFrenza Stiepel Ryder LLP. The Subdivision Map Act has potential implications for individuals who are financing, leasing or selling real estate in the state of California.

According to Garrett DeFrenza Stiepel Ryder LLP, the cities and counties in the state of California are responsible for implementing and enforcing the Subdivision Map Act. The law promotes orderly community development, regulates the construction and design of improvements to existing property and works to ensure that any areas that are dedicated to public use do not become burdens on taxpayers. The law has the further effect of protecting the public from fraud. Under the Subdivision Map Act, anyone who is subdividing real property has to gain local approval and record a suitable map before consummating the relevant real estate transaction. Individuals who violate the Subdivision Map Act can face criminal fines, jail time and civil injunctions. They may also be unable to get government permits after violating this law. The provisions under the Subdivision Map Act can pose difficulties for people entering a transaction who have gained some attention in the legal world.