What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of a Supervisor?

franckreporter/Vetta/Getty Images

The strengths of a supervisor include having effective communication skills, ability to inspire and motivate, ability to trouble shoot problems, commitment, fair play and honesty. Weaknesses of a supervisor include a lack of good judgment, being biased and throwing temper tantrums at the slightest sign of trouble.

Inability to communicate clearly can be a serious limitation for a supervisor. A supervisor who cannot motivate and inspire others fails to get the job done well and in time. A bad supervisor is a poor listener. A poor supervisor is often disorganized and incapable of making sound choices.

A good supervisor is firm and yet gentle with the employees. Providing continuous and constructive feedback to employees is a must for a person in any supervisory capacity. Supervisors who are helpful and appreciative of good work are much better in their capacity as supervisors.