What Are Some Stores That Accept Checks Online?

Smart Bargains and Samsung Electronics accept payment with checks through their online stores at SmartBargains.com and Samsung.com, as of 2015. In addition, Walmart.com allows check payments, along with Frys.com. Stipulations regarding payment by check apply for each store.

SmartBargains.com accepts checks in the form of personal checks, business checks and cashier’s checks, in addition to certified bank checks. The check must be issued by a U.S. bank and have the name and address of the customer imprinted on the front. A valid bank routing number must be visible on the bottom of the check. The company does not accept temporary or counter checks as a form of payment. Customers who pay by check experience a delay in merchandise shipment while waiting for the payment to clear.

Samsung.com accepts checks, money orders and wire transfers, along with credit or debit card transactions. Customers who pay by check must follow the instructions presented once they select the payment option after submitting an order.

Walmart.com allows customers to pay with checks during check out. Customers select the Pay with Cash option before selecting the check payment option. To pay by check, the customer must provide the name of their bank, and account and routing numbers, in addition to driver’s license information, an address and a name.

Fry’s accepts checks from both U.S. and international banks with the requirement that payment is in U.S. funds and that the purchase is over $100.