How Do I Start My Own Phone Hotline?

Starting a phone hotline business that earns money on each call requires setting up a pay-per-call phone option to take incoming calls. Several online pay-per-call services provide calling tools for a phone hotline. After selecting a service, the consultant is assigned a dedicated 800 number to advertise to callers.

Callers dial the 800 hotline number and listen to a special greeting recorded by the consultant. This message includes instructions on how to pay for the call, which often requires providing credit card information. Alternatively, the consultant can answer the phone call live and explain the process. After the customer pays and billing is confirmed, the consultant chats with the customer for a certain amount of time. Callers can be billed on a per minute basis or charged a flat fee per call.

A phone hotline business requires marketing, which can be done in a couple of ways. One method is to advertise the service in the online yellow pages. A basic yellow page ad can include an option that allows people to call a phone number. Another method is to create an informative website that explains the hotline service to potential customers. The hotline number is integrated into the site and tracks each call.