Where Does the Stamp Go on a Postcard?

Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Typically, the stamp is placed in the top right corner of the postcard. Senders should always make sure that United States Postal Service guidelines are followed when mailing a postcard.

Specific areas on the address side of the postcard, which is the right side, should be left blank for the address, postage and barcode. However, exclusion areas are based on the size of the postcard. Stamps go right above the address and barcode on panoramic postcards, which are typically 11.25 inches by 5.75 inches in size. On giant postcards, which are typically 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size, the stamp goes in the upper right-hand corner directly above the address and barcode. Contact the postal service for postcard stamp prices or any other mailing questions.

The address that goes in-between the stamp and barcode is the destination address. The return address, although this is not necessary, is placed on the top left-hand corner of the postcard. Barcodes, in the mail delivery world, are typically used as road maps.

A variety of websites exist to design and print postcards, usually for a fee. Knowing postcard mailing specifications is essential. If guidelines are not followed, it may cost more to mail the postcard.