What Are the Specs of the John Deere 3020?

John Deere 3020 tractors built from 1964 to 1968 are two-wheel drive vehicles on 90-inch wheelbases with 3.7-liter four-cylinder gasoline or LP-gas engines or 4.4-liter four-cylinder diesel engines. Tested drawbar power is 63.13 horsepower and power-takeoff is 71.26 horsepower. In the 1969 to 1972 model years, the tractors are two- and four-wheel drive vehicles with 3.9-liter four-cylinder gasoline or LP-gas engines or 4.4-liter four-cylinder diesel versions. Drawbar power is 61.47 horsepower and power-takeoff is 71.34 horsepower.

The John Deere 3020 has a 29-gallon fuel capacity, an 8-gallon capacity syncro-range hydraulic system and an 11-gallon capacity power shift hydraulic system. The tractor has a rear optional differential lock, power-assist steering, differential hydraulic wet disc brakes and an open operator station cab. The gas-powered version has one 12-volt battery, and the diesel has two. The size of the front tire is 6.00-16, and the rear tire is 13.6-38. The tractor weight ranges between 7,695 and 9,585 pounds, and equipment attachments include a front-end loader.

In 1969, upgrades included moving the hydraulic controls, placing them on the side console rather than on the dash, and giving the LP-gas and gasoline models larger spark-ignition engines. John Deere manufactured its 3020 model tractors in Waterloo, Iowa, and in Mexico. In 1972, the tractor’s last model year, the machine’s retail price was about $10,000. John Deere has been in business since 1837.