What Are the Specs for the Case IH 2388 Harvester?

The Case IH Axial-Flow 2388 combine features power ratings up to 325 horsepower, or 242.4 kilowatts, from a 506-cubic-inch Case IH-produced motor. The combine is 11 feet tall at the top of the cab and has a wheel base of 11.2 feet measured between the front and back wheel hubs.

The Case Axial-Flow 2388 has an operating weight of 30,000 pounds without any attachments. The fuel tank capacity is 180 gallons. The machine has a hydrostatic drive transmission that operates in three gears.

The machine also features a 30-inch threshing rotor that operates at two speeds. The higher-speed setting rotates the rotor at 1,125 revolutions per minute, while the lower setting spins at 450 rpm. The cleaning system covers an area of 7,905 square inches. Similarly to the threshing rotor, the cleaning fan operates at two speed settings, one high and one low. The high-speed setting rotates the fan at 1,250 rpm. The lower setting matches the threshing rotor’s speed at 450 rpm.

The grain tank on the Axial-Flow 25388 holds up to 290 bushels. An 18-foot unloading auger unloads grain at speeds of up to 2.4 bushels per second. A stone trap eliminates the risk of unwanted debris in the harvested material. Finally, the operator of the machine sits in a fully-enclosed, air-conditioned cabin.