What Are Some Specifications of the John Deere 850 Tractor?

The specifications for the John Deere 850 tractor include its fuel capacity of 8.5 gallons and its rear power take-off rotations per minute rating of 540. The John Deere 850 tractor also features a 64-inch wheelbase and has a weight rating of approximately 2,400 pounds.

The John Deere 850 tractor has a default mechanical chassis design of a 4×2 two-wheel drive system with an optional 4×4 four-wheel drive system available. The tractor is also set with a manual steering system and fitted with differential mechanical expanding shoe brakes. The tractor’s engine, a Yanmar 1.3 liter 3-cylinder diesel, is set with a single 12-volt battery and can be fitted with various attachments, such as a front-end loader, a backhoe and a mowing deck.

The John Deere 850 tractor has a stated drawbar horsepower rating of 19 and a power take off horsepower rating of 22. This tractor’s hydraulics system is of an open center type and has a capacity 4.75 gallons or 5.25 gallons, depending on the year in which the particular model was produced.

The John Deere 850 tractor was manufactured between 1979 to 1989 by Yanmar in a factory in Japan. The tractor’s original price in 1989 was approximately $11,000.