What Are Some Skills Needed to Become an Architect?

Dejan Patic/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Artistry, math and critical thinking skills are needed when becoming an architect, in addition to good communication and management skills. Because of the wide range of work an architect encounters, a wide range of skills is required for the job, explains About.com.

Being an architect requires some artistic ability, as the profession often requires a design of some sort. This means architects must be able to sketch and illustrate freehand, while also being able to use digital tools to design their projects.

When designing structures, architects use math to determine correct measurements and space dimensions. Because of this, geometry and algebra are critical in the training of architects.

Architects must be able to think beyond creativity and math, however. They must consider safety, environment and culture when designing. This requires critical thinking skills. Additionally, architects must be able to deal with unforeseen changes. This includes changes to the design because of client requests, unavailability of materials and building code restrictions.

Architects must deal with different clients, subordinates, contractors, superiors and municipal organizations in a professional manner. Because of this, it is important they have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Architects are often in positions that oversee other positions. To run a successful operation, they must have the proper management skills to handle subordinates.