What Are the Skills or Attributes That Are Necessary to Be an Outstanding Teacher?

According to Faculty Focus, outstanding teachers have warm personalities, respect their students, create a sense of community in the classroom for students, and set high expectations for those students so that they can become successful. Teachers should always be caring and accessible and have good personality traits such as enthusiasm and openness.

Truly outstanding teachers are approachable and have good listening skills to support the questions or concerns students might have about their progress. Good teachers should always be positive and try not to show when they are having bad days, and those teacher who respect their students always value each student’s opinions and ideas.

Good teachers are excellent role model for students, because they teach through their actions by giving others respect, and they foster this type of learning environment to establish a supportive class network. A collaborative classroom environment has rules and roles that every student follows. When students have these regulations and guidance, they feel they can contribute what they can, which makes them self-sufficient.

When teachers set high expectations, they send a positive message to students. Students will normally do what is expected of them. However, when there are little or no expectations, they do not accomplish as much, according to Faculty Focus.