What Is the SilverSneakers Program From Kaiser Permanente?

SilverSneakers is an exercise program designed for adults ages 65 and older, according to Healthways, the company that developed the program. Kaiser Permanente offers SilverSneakers free of charge as a benefit for people who hold specific polices, according to the official Kaiser Permanente website.

Kaiser Permanente offers SilverSneakers memberships free of charge for policy holders with Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Core, Silver, Gold, Medicare or PERA pre-65 policies, as of 2015, notes Kaiser Permanente. SilverSneakers members can work out on their own at participating fitness facilities or in classes that vary in their level of exercise intensity, states Healthways. SilverSneakers offers on-site program advisors and class instructors trained specifically in leading exercise classes for seniors.

SilverSneakers members who are not able to visit participating gyms can join SilverSneakers Steps, a self-directed fitness program in which participants choose the activities they wish to engage in, according to Healthways. SilverSneakers Steps members also receive equipment such as resistance bands, exercise information and materials that explain how to use the program. SilverSneakers and SilverSneakers Steps members can also register free of charge at Healthwaysfit.com, a website designed for SilverSneakers members. The website allows members to track their exercise and nutrition progress and offers health articles, recipes, exercise demonstrations and a tool to locate fitness centers that feature SilverSneakers programs.