How Do You Know If You Have to Sign for a UPS Delivery?

Until a package arrives, a recipient usually does not know whether or not a signature is required by UPS; the sender of the package usually determines if a signature is necessary by opting for Delivery Confirmation Signature Required service. Some UPS drivers may require that deliveries on their routes require signatures, but recipients who don’t want to have to be home to sign for a package can opt for a special program that allows them to opt out of signing and that authorizes UPS to leave packages without signatures.

The UPS My Choice program allows for package recipients to opt out of signing for packages. This program is available online, but it may not be available in areas where packages cannot be delivered without a signature and is not available when the sender has specifically requested Delivery Confirmation Signature Required.

The feature, which is known as Authorize Shipment Release, applies to all future shipments following signup. It typically starts working within 5 minutes of signup for the UPS My Choice program. Those UPS customers opting for My Choice will need to authorize each package delivery individually for packages that require signatures; this is done by tracking the package online and selecting the Provide Delivery Instructions option.