How Do You Sign up for Walmart Credit Card Paperless Billing in Canada?

To sign up for Walmart credit card paperless billing in Canada, go to Manage Your Account on the official website, accept the terms and conditions, verify your account, and set up a username and password, instructs Walmart. Select Go Paperless after signing in to your new account.

Walmart Rewards MasterCard users who sign up for electronic statements receive $10 bonus in Walmart Rewards, says Walmart. The bonus appears within two statements on a cardholder’s Walmart Rewards account after signing up for paperless billing.

Cardholders earn Walmart Rewards at any store that accepts MasterCard, states Walmart. They earn about 1.25 percent of purchases when shopping at Walmart stores in Canada and 1 percent of purchases when shopping anywhere outside Canada. Cardholders earn Walmart Rewards in dollar equivalents instead of points, making it easy for them to determine the amount they can redeem. Walmart Rewards MasterCard users can redeem Walmart Rewards at Walmart stores located in Canada only.

After earning at least $5 in Walmart Rewards, you may redeem the rewards by visiting a cash register in a Walmart store, according to Walmart. The rewards never expire, enabling cardholders to use them instantly or save up the rewards. Free supplementary cards are available for family members. Moreover, you can make cash advances wherever MasterCard or Cirrus is accepted.