What Should Be Included in a Membership Request Letter?

A membership request letter enables the writer to seek membership in an organization, a club, a community program or a professional committee within a job industry. The letter should first indicate the writer’s interest in the committee, program or organization, directly asking for admittance as a qualified member.

Once a person has requested entrance into the organization, the letter should detail reasons why the applicant is a good fit. Qualities and traits, such as professional affiliations, job performance, educational credentials and actions the applicant plans to take to contribute to the organization, should be detailed within the letter to prove competency, as well as any benefits the person can provide to the organization.

The letter should also detail the reasons why the applicant values the organization or program. For example, the letter can include the benefits the applicant hopes to obtain as a member, such as expanding a professional network, participating in community service opportunities, assisting with fund-raising efforts, promoting the organization or program through advertising or word of mouth, and serving as an officer or delegate to help with administration and recruitment. In the letter, the applicant should also mention the positive aspects of the organization and its recent accomplishments, generally in closing.