What Should You Include in a Sample Dissolution Letter?

A sample dissolution letter should include the name and address of the business being dissolved, along with the name and return address of the individual mailing the letter and dissolution paperwork. Dissolution paperwork is included with the cover letter, and the mail should be sent “return receipt requested” to ensure proper delivery.

When dissolving a company, the shareholders or members must agree to close the business. The exact way to do this is outlined in the company’s organizational documents, such as an LLC operating agreement or articles of incorporation. The vote to dissolve the business should be recorded in the company’s minutes or in a written consent form and placed in the corporate or record book.

The Secretary of State or corporate division of the state in which the company operates typically has information regarding the required paperwork and instructions on dissolving the business. Some states have articles of dissolution or certificates of cancellation. The form generally requires the business to identify itself, and to reveal whether all debts and liabilities have been paid, and whether there are remaining assets to be distributed. There may be a small filing fee to pay. Once everything is filed properly, the state sends back the certificate of dissolution to be filed in the company’s record books.