What Should I Include in a Resume?

The sections of a resume should include personal information, an objective, employment history and educational history. Accomplishments relevant to the desired job position are also included. Make personal and professional references available to the potential employer upon his request.

In the personal information section, include all the ways in which an employer can get a hold of you. This includes a home phone number, a current work number, if applicable, a cell phone number and physical mailing address. This section should also include a primary email address. Following the personal information section, add a clear and thought out objective statement.

Resume headlines work well for individuals with a lot of work experience. A resume headline offers a summary of a job seeker's skills and work history that quickly gets a hiring manager's attention. Headlines should include keywords related to the job to which the candidate is applying, and they should also be concise. An applicant should change their resume's headline each time they apply for a different position.

In the employment and educational history sections, make sure the job duties and educational accomplishments, relevant to the job position, stand out to potential employers. Any awards received, charity work or accomplishments related to the job position are listed and amplified.

The career summary section of a resume allows a job candidate to elaborate on their skills and other forms of relevant experience to give employers more detail about their key strengths. Individuals with a limited background in the job for which they are applying may use this section to highlight how previous work experiences and skills are transferable to the new job role.

Personal and professional references should be on hand and available upon request from the employers. These references are listed on a separate, clean piece of paper and should include people other than family members that can vouch for you on a professional or personal level. Contact information for each reference is listed, as well as their relationship to you.