How Does a My Sheetz Card Work?

A My Sheetz Card is a loyalty card that can be swiped through the reader at a Sheetz gas pump or presented inside of the store during the payment process. The card awards customers with discounted gas, special promotions and complimentary products.

There is no charge to obtain a My Sheetz Card, and customers can enroll in the program online or inside of any participating Sheetz store. A driver’s license is required during the initial registration, and multiple family members can register for cards as long as each person has a unique email address. Customers who register online can print a temporary card that can be used until a regular card is obtained at any Sheetz location.

A My Sheetz Card comes as a full-sized card and a small, keychain-sized card. The keychain card cannot be used at the pump, but it can be used for purchases made inside the store. Shoppers can combine the My Sheetz Card with other discount cards or credit cards.

Customers can save $.03 per gallon when they swipe their My Sheetz Card at the pump, as of 2015. The card also helps consumers save money on popular Sheetz menu items, such as donuts and coffee. Card holders receive a free beverage or snack each time they purchase 10 qualifying items.