What Services Are Provided at the Kroger Little Clinic?

The Little Clinic offers several health services including diagnosing and treating common illnesses, immunizations and physical exams. Services are limited to patients 18 months and older and vary by clinic location. Little Clinics are located in Fry’s, Krogers, Dillons and King Shoppers stores and accept most forms of insurance.

Little Clinic diagnoses many conditions including allergies, colds, sore throats, and ear and sinus infections. It offers over the counter, prescription and injection treatments for many common illnesses. For pulmonary infections, Little Clinic administers inhaled medications on site. Other treatments available include minor abrasion treatments, suture removal, allergy shots and wart treatments. Little Clinic does not treat major traumas.

In addition to treating illnesses, Little Clinic offers care for chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Smoking cessation programs are also available through all clinic locations.

Little Clinic provides vaccinations for school and travel. The clinic provides most approved immunization and booster shots on site. In addition to immunization, Little Clinic offers flu vaccines through mist or injection.

Little Clinic provides physical examinations for school, sports, and camp. These examinations are usually required by the school or organization and are not as comprehensive as annual exams. Organizations routinely provide a checklist that requires a health care professional to complete. Little Clinic’s exam varies depending on the checklist requirements.

Little Clinic also provides Department of Transportation physical exams. All Little Clinics locations are certified to complete commercial vehicle drivers exams. DOT exams are available seven days a week, but customers should make an appointment in advance.

The staff at Little Clinics is board certified, licensed nurse practitioners and physicians assistants.