How Do You Send a MyCarePack to an Inmate?

To send a Mycarepack to an inmate, go to the Mycarepack website, select the facility and state, and select the items to send. Once you’re done shopping, identify the inmate, sign in or create an account, enter your credit card payment information, and your package gets sent. deliveries to inmates are based on the ID number of the recipient and not the inmate’s name. If you are not sure what the recipient’s ID number is, some facilities have an inmate identification tool located on the store home page. If you do know the recipient’s ID, make sure your records are correct before you submit your order. Otherwise, you cannot receive a refund or order replacement due to delivery to the wrong recipient.

To check the status of an existing order, you can enter your confirmation number at at the upper right corner of the screen. An order status page appears. If you create an account at, you can log-in and select the Order History option at the top of the store’s page. A status of your current and past order appears on this page. Current orders are delivered two to seven days after you place the order.