How Do You Send a Moneygram Express Payment?

To send a MoneyGram xpress payment, acquire a $50, $100 or $200 packet, and take it to a MoneyGram agent to send, or redeem the packet online, explains MoneyGram. To redeem online, enter the redemption number located inside the packet on the MoneyGram website. Enter your first and last name and email in the appropriate spots, and choose a destination and other options from the provided pull-down menus.

Sending a MoneyGram xpress payment requires paying a transfer fee, according to the company website. Packets are available at Dollar General, Speedway or Cumberland Farms, though not every store is guaranteed to sell them. For help, call the helpline number located on the MoneyGram website.

To send money from a specific location, first find a local MoneyGram agent by clicking the Find a Location button on the MoneyGram website, states the company. Bring the money and the personal information of the recipient to the agent, and the agent securely sends the payment. Sending a money transfer through an agent also requires paying a fee.

MoneyGram has approximately 350,000 agent locations worldwide, and it can deposit the money directly into the receiver’s bank account, into a mobile wallet, such as Kenya’s M-PESA, and into U.S. correctional accounts at the county, state and federal levels, states the company’s website.