How Do I Send a Formal Complaint to General Motors?

Bill Pugliano / Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To send a formal complaint to General Motors, retrieve the appropriate contact information from the company’s website, review the frequently asked questions and send an email or letter. Materials needed include a printer and a computer with an Internet connection. Estimated completion time is 15 minutes.

  1. Find information on the GM website

    The GM general contact Web page includes information for contacting GM directly by phone, email or U.S. mail. It also includes a listing of individual GM brands with links to contact information for each. The general page also features a chat button to request immediate assistance.

  2. Review the frequently asked questions

    The frequently asked questions section includes additional information on lodging complaints, including Twitter identities for each GM brand. The page also includes information on maintenance, repairs and parts. It includes a section on legal information such as addressing privacy concerns and advising how to opt out of marketing communications from GM.

  3. Send an email or letter

    Use the online form for emailing a specific GM brand, or print and mail a letter to a specific brand or to GM headquarters. For a letter that may precede legal action, consider sending via U.S. Postal Service certified mail or another method that provides proof of receipt. After the letter has time to arrive, follow up with a phone call to GM headquarters or to an individual brand.