Who Makes and Sells Ariens Mowers?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 17, 2020 10:53:09 AM ET

Ariens Lawn Mowers are made by Husqvarna Outdoor Products, which is owned by Ariens Company. The largest retailer of Ariens Lawn Mowers is The Home Depot, as of 2015. There are numerous independent retailers throughout North America that sell Ariens products, as well.

Ariens Company sells residential mowing equipment under two brand names, Ariens and Gravely. Commercial mowing equipment is sold under the Gravely and Parker brands. Commercial equipment must be purchased through an independent retailer, as The Home Depot does not carry it.

Lawn equipment available from the Ariens Company includes lawn mowers, zero turn mowers, robotic mowers, tractors, and articulating riders.