What Is the Selling Concept?

Selling concept is the idea that consumers are not liable to make the leap on their own to purchase goods and services. This mentality requires that businesses stress sales pitching and proactive customer service among personnel so as to ensure that there is maximum closing power in the corporate environment. Selling concept stresses a mindset of constant pressure to make sales.

Selling concept predicts that people are not going to buy from a company unless they are pressured into doing so. That makes selling concept a very aggressive sales style that encourages representatives to work toward closing in every interaction and pushing various angles to tack on additional products and services to the final total a person purchases.

This business idea also projects the concept that it is essential to sell current resources in order to make room for the next wave of stock. Such an approach helps maintain inventory and keep a positive flow of resources heading out of a corporation. The thinking behind this maneuver is that this allows for new waves of resources to make their way to the retail location and offer something new to attract consumers who are not currently buying. This promotes a proactive approach to customer service and sales.