How Is the Seating in Xfinity Center Arranged?

The Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts offers seating in an amphitheater format. Almost 20,000 seats are divided into three distinct types of seating including reserved, unreserved and outdoor.

The Xfinity Center’s amphitheater seating makes the venue a notable performing arts center in the New England area. When the center was originally built in 1986, it served as the major premium outdoor music venue near Boston.

Many individuals who attend music events at the Xfinity Center choose the unreserved lawn seating, which is the furthest away from the stage. In this seating area, patrons are completely exposed to the prevailing weather conditions, making for a potentially delightful evening when the temperature is warm. Seven sections of open air seating are located in front of the general admission lawn area, slightly closer to the stage. Seating in this area requires a proper ticket and typically is more expensive than lawn admission.

In front of the open air seating are eight sections of covered pavilion seating, divided into an inner set of three sections and an outer set of five more sections. A number of boxed seating areas are nestled behind the front three sections and near the front of the second ring of pavilion sections. The pavilion seating and box seating represent the most expensive options at Xfinity Center. Regardless of the seating level one chooses, high-quality audio equipment throughout the venue ensures that everyone is able to enjoy the concert experience.