How Do You Search an ECCN Number Database?

To search an ECCN number database, the specific item must first have an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). The manufacturer of that specific item is then able to determine if the item being exported has a specific ECCN number, according to the Bureau of Industry and Science.

If a manufacturer, producer or developer is unable to find the ECCN, it is possible that the specific item is not in the database. It is also possible that the ECCN has changed, and the developer themselves may be unaware of this. ECCNs change regularly, and it is possible that it is in the database as a new number.

It is possible to contact the Bureau of Industry and Science to receive a classification of the ECCN directly. The Company Identification Number (CIN) is a requirement to completely fill out the commodity classification request online and receive the ECCN through the Bureau of Industry and Science.

If no ECCN is available, it is possible to self-classify the specific item, as well. To self-classify, the user must have an understanding of the specific item as well as an understanding of the Commerce Control List Index (CCL) to determine if the item fits into the parameter of the ECCN, states the Bureau of Industry and Science.