What Is the Scan Health Plan Dental Coverage?

Scan health plan dental coverage is a Delta Dental product that is available to Scan members. Some members have dental benefits as part of their health plans, depending on the plan type, notes Scan. Members can verify if they have dental coverage by reviewing their plan materials. In order to receive benefits, members must visit their pre-selected primary care dentist, who must be part of the DeltaCare USA network, reports Delta Dental.

The Delta Dental plan options available to Scan members, known as the DeltaCare USA plan, include a basic plan and an enhanced plan, reports Delta Dental. Members can register online to view plan-specific benefits and eligibility. Members can also view and print identification cards, find a qualified provider, and select a network dentist online.

The basic plan allows members access to specialty care and out-of-area emergency care and requires low or no co-payments for dental cleanings and exams, explains Delta Dental. No deductibles or maximums apply to the covered items in this plan, and there are no restrictions regarding pre-existing conditions, with the exception of care considered work in progress. Procedures that are not listed under Schedule A of the plan are not covered, and there are limits to the frequency a member can receive certain benefits.