Where Are Samsung Products Made?

Samsung has manufacturing plants are located in twelve countries throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, including design centres, research and development centres, and factories around the world. The company manufactures 90 percent of the products sold under its name.

Televisions sets are made in Europe, in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The Slovakian factory also produces home theatre systems and Blu-ray players. Samsung produces refrigerators and washing machines in Poland. All of the remaining Samsung products are produced in the company’s Asian factories. Phones are produced in South Korea, Vietnam and China. Camcorders are manufactured in Indonesia and China. Samsung microwaves come from Malaysia. Refrigerators are made in South Korea and China. Washing machines are produced in China. Computers are manufactured in China, as are some of the Samsung LCD screens and printers, but computer peripherals are also made in Malaysia, Philippines and South Korea.