What Are Some Samples of Letters to a Homeowner’s Association?

Sample letter templates that demonstrate how to format a letter to a homeowners association include Request to Meet and Confer for Dispute Resolution and Homeowner Request for Copies of Documents. These letter templates are among numerous templates featured at the HOA Member Services website. A basic letter format includes the name of the homeowners association, name of homeowner and a brief paragraph describing the letter’s intent. A document request letter template includes numbered lines for listing the requested documents.

Sending a complaint letter to a homeowners association requires three key elements. The complaint included in the letter must be based on a firm legal foundation, and should cite the association’s rulebook. The homeowner should always provide evidence that backs up the complaint. The tone of the letter is civil, and uses persuasive language to make the case, instead of abusive language.

Before writing a complaint letter to the homeowners association, homeowners should check the rulebook for specific misconduct violations. The infraction can be cited verbatim in the letter to lend the complaint more credibility. The letter clearly states the nature of the dispute, but must then provide clear evidence of a violation by giving specific details. Regardless of what the problem is, the letter should never include personal attacks, or threats, against association members. Complaint letters are more productive when including a solution that resolves the problem.