What Is a Sample Transmittal Form?

A sample transmittal form is a document a company uses when sending other documents such as reports, proposals or drawings to another company. It contains sections for the sender’s and receiver’s company contact information, as well as “attention” and “re” check boxes to indicate who the transmittal is for and what it is about. Additional check boxes indicate what documents follow and what the receiver’s next step is, for example approval or distribution.

Companies use transmittal forms to introduce and improve projects. They are simple, friendly, brief and not technical. These could also identify people involved in the report, proposal or plan, how they gathered the information, and any feedback the company requires, for example, comments or suggestions.

During a construction project, all parties including owners, project managers, inspectors, architects and government agencies use transmittal forms to keep written records of project communications and details in the event of a dispute.

Companies also send transmittals in cover letter format that include sender and receiver contact information, date, and salutation. The text is specific to the situation, including an opening telling the recipient what type of document follows the letter, a summary of what’s in it, what the reader’s next action is, a complimentary close and a signature.