What Is the Salary of a New York State Court Officer?

The annual salary for a New York State court officer depends on the location of the position. As of 2014, court officers in Buffalo earns an average annual income of $28,000. In Syracuse, this position pays an average of $32,000 per year. In New York City, a court officer earns around $45,000 per year.

The first step to obtaining a court officer position in New York State is taking the court officer-trainee written examination. This exam is administered at testing center locations throughout the state. Applications for the exam are only accepted online. Applicants can find out examination information by visiting NYCourts.gov.

Court security officers are primarily responsible for protecting the safety of the courthouse. Officers may be posted inside of courtrooms and at various locations within the court building. They are expected to regularly conduct safety checks to ensure the courthouse remains free of weapons. For instance, a court officer mans the metal detector at a court entrance. Officers also roam the hallways, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activities. Inside the courtroom, duties include handling paperwork between litigants and the judge, escorting witnesses, ejecting unruly people from the courtroom and protecting jurors. Applicants for state court officer positions must be United States citizens with a high school diploma.