What Are the Salaries of Radio Personalities?

Popular radio personalities like Howard Stern receive a salary of nearly $80 million a year. The salaries of radio personalities varies from individual to individual, but most well-known radio personalities make millions of dollars per year. The average radio personality makes an estimated $40,000 a year.

Rush Limbaugh is the most popular radio personality in America and makes an estimated $50 million a year hosting his own radio show that focuses on American politics. Limbaugh has an estimated net worth of $350 million and is currently in the middle of a $600 million contract that lasts until 2016.

Robin Quivers is the highest paid female radio personality and makes $10 million a year working alongside Howard Stern on his radio talk show. Kidd Kraddick also makes an annual salary of $10 million from his nationally syndicated radio talk show. Dan Patrick is one of America’s most recognized sports personalities and makes $5 million a year hosting his own sports talk show.

It takes decades of work to become a respected radio personality, which is why nationally syndicated radio personalities make millions of dollars every year. Geography and work experience are the largest factors that determine a radio personality’s annual salary.