What’s the Fastest Way to Earn Lots of Speedway Rewards Points?

The fastest way to earn Speedy rewards points is to purchase gift and merchandise cards worth the highest amount of points. Customers willing to spend money can purchase cards in the Speedy program worth 1500 points. The Speedy rewards program assigns more points to a select number of items, and customers can visit the company’s website to find out which items to choose to earn lots of points quickly.

Speedy offers customers several ways to earn points quickly, and customers can strategically pick and choose items from several levels of point categories. Activating and reloading debit cards is a quick way to earn lots of points. Customers can earn points for purchasing beverages, snack foods, baked goods, coffee and other convenience items. Purchasing items worth 300 to 500 points is a good strategy.

Customers can browse the My Speedy Rewards page at the Speedy website and devise a plan to purchase specific high-point items on every visit. Many of these items are consumables, such as candy bars, snack chips, beef jerky and soda. Customers can quickly earn over 1000 points by purchasing a mixture of these items. Customers can redeem points for items featured on the My Speedy Rewards page.