What Is Ryanair’s Mission Statement?

Ryanair’s mission statement is to offer the lowest fares possible on all routes, while avoiding fuel surcharges and allowing customers to make alterations to their bookings. Other aspects of Ryanair’s mission statement include reduced delays, minimized cancellations, rapid refunds and fast check-in times.

Ryanair’s mission statement includes:

  • Offering the lowest possible fares to customers. Ryanair states that it offers lower fares when it becomes aware of competitors selling cheaper flights.
  • It does not impose fuel surcharges on passengers.
  • There are no fare increases after the customer purchases a ticket.
  • Ryanair notifies passengers of delays and cancellations as soon as it can via text message, email and other means of communication.
  • The company strives to reduce the delays customers face. It aims to be the airline with the lowest delay times in Europe, and it misplaces less than one bag per 3,000 customers it transports.
  • In exchange for a nominal fee, customers can make alterations to their reservations.
  • To help customers avoid long waiting times at the airport, Ryanair allows them to check in online up to 4 hours before departure. Customers can then print their own boarding passes.
  • Ryanair aims to cut the number of passengers who are denied voluntary boarding by being the only airline in Europe that does not overbook flights.
  • It aims to give passengers all the information they need at the time of booking a flight. This includes terms and conditions, the flight schedule and destination information.