What Does RVCA Stand For?

According to RVCA founder, PM Tenore, the name and logo refer to the balance of opposites, specifically in the chevron pattern formed by the letters “V” and “A.” There has been added speculation that it’s a play on the Greek word for clothing.

The philosophy behind RVCA, pronounced “roo-ka,” is to create an integration of different subcultures within one platform. The RVCA line of clothing and accessories represents a collaboration of individuals from these various subcultures. Founder PM Tenore’s intention was to develop sports apparel that was non-traditional and defied trends.

Aside from the clothing line, Tenore has also encouraged artists, musicians, and designers to expand their creativity and to inspire others by giving back to the community. The concept behind RVCA and the Artist Network Program is to redefine the way the media sees fashion and art.