What Are the Rough Specs for a Case 580c Backhoe?

The rough specs for a J.I. Case 580c backhoe include a 3.4-liter, four-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine. The eight-speed engine brings 57 horsepower while the four-speed engine brings 62 horsepower.

The engine has a direct injection fuel system, a dry air cleaner and a rated RPM of 2,100. Attachments include a backhoe and a front-end loader. The loader’s height to the pin is 129/8 inches, and its dumped bucket clearance is 103.5 inches. The dump reach is 24.6 inches, while the dump angle is 45 degrees. The loader’s lift breakout force is 7,200 pounds, while its lift to full height at pin is 4,700 pounds.

The standard backhoe has a digging depth of 168 inches, and the reach from pivot is 212.8 inches. The loading height is 133.6 inches while the swing arc is 180 degrees. The J.I. Case Extendahoe has a digging depth with a retracted stick of 168 inches, while the digging depth with an extended stick is 216 inches. The reach from pivot with a retracted stick is 221 inches, while the reach from pivot with an extended stick is 261.8 inches.

The machine has a chassis of 4×2 two-wheel drive and a rear standard differential lock. It has hydrostatic power steering. The cab has four-post ROPs, or the cab dimensions can be optional. Its battery uses 12 volts.