What Is a Rooms Division Manager Job Description?

A room division manager is responsible for checking hotel rooms to ensure they are up to the hotel’s standard of quality. The room division manager is also responsible for the front office and housekeeping staff, as well as responsible for hiring competent workers who are properly trained.

A rooms division manager works in the hotel industry and reports to the general manager or deputy manager of the hotel. The main duties of a rooms division manager include making spots checks to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance upkeep of hotel rooms. The rooms division manager may also control all expenditures as well as the budgets that are set for his department. Room division managers attend sales meetings, executive meetings and any briefings as needed with the hotel’s manger, housekeeping and front office staff.

Room division managers need to have the ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner, both written and verbally. They should have strong organizational skills and the ability to manage time. Technical skills are also necessary for this job. Interpersonal skills are also a must, and usually someone holding this job position has a degree in hotel management as well as several years of work experience in the hotel industry.